Who Am I

My mission is to Inspire, Teach and Coach You into having a life of Achievement, Abundance and Success. Living Boldly with Power, Passion and Purpose.

Lynn Lane is President of Lane Resources Inc. and can inspire and motivate your people to live a life of purpose. Lynn uses heart felt stories from his life and the people around him to move his audience to action. From his early years as a wondering generality to living the life he loves and loving the life he lives. With due diligent research on personal development for over twenty five years and a life full of experience and adventure, Lynn can help you and your people solidify goals and dreams and overcome uncertainty, fear, anxiety and stress associated with personal growth or business growth. Lynn can help people connect, grow and contribute while gaining certainty, confidence and success. Are you ready? Lynn uses lessons and metaphors from his training in Martial Arts, Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and Life.

    • Author of Never Ending Mojo
    • Motivational Speaker
    • Personal Development Trainer
    • Leadership Skills / Soft Skills
    • Black Belt Kenpo Karate
    • Bodyguard/Personal Protection
    • Certified MMA Conditioning Coach
    • Certified Hypnotist
    • Seminar Leader
    • Workshop Leader
    • Part-Time College Instructor



Consultant – Workshops - Programs

Black Belt Motivation for Your Team

By using the martial arts as a metaphor we will motivate your team to

breakthrough barriers, work on stress, evaluate their approach, work toward

excellence and discover personal power. This seminar is hands-on and action

filled. Seminar Leader Rodney (Lynn) Lane Black Belt. Power up and

motivate your team today. People that we work with.

ü  Hospitals and Medical Centers

ü  Real Estate Professionals

ü  In-Home Caregivers

ü  Law Firms

ü  Teachers

ü  Office and Administrative Staff

ü  Sales Professionals

ü  Corporate Executives

ü  People who travel

Living On Purpose

Most people go through life taking what life offers and never get to live life

on their terms. They never seem to take control. As I always say, “A life

without action is a life without purpose.” Don’t be a dead fish; even a dead

fish can swim downstream. Once you add purpose to your life you let go of

the things that stall you like doubt and limiting beliefs. Unleash your personal

passion. Create a plan of action and make your life happen!


People That Benefit.

 Ø  Business Owners

 Ø  Sales Professionals

 Ø  People Seeking Success

 Ø  People That Seek Purpose In Life


Control Stress and Worry

Enjoy your life each day, because it’s later than you think. Learn to live with

self awareness. Tap into your inner wisdom and develop superior self habits.

Take your joy with you or you will never find it. Learn breathing techniques,

NLP, hypnosis and relaxation techniques that will help cope with worry and

stress. Learn to improve yourself talk. Use your internal power for control.

                                                People That Benefit

Ø  Business Owners

Ø  Sales Professionals

 Ø  People Seeking Success

 Ø  People That Seek Purpose In Life

 Never Ending You

You are never ending. You are unlimited and boundless. The fact is most

people never live that way. In this seminar you will discover the most

important areas of personal development that will help you move forward to

the life you deserve.

Contribution – Purpose – Significance – Power – Passion – Motivation

Relationships – Health – Personal Improvement – Celebration

                                                People That Benefit

Ø  Business Owners

Ø  Sales Professionals

Ø  People Seeking Success

Ø  People That Seek Purpose In Life


 What People Are Saying

Youth/Adults Motivational Speaker

Lynn’s presentation to our youth was inspiring and well accepted by those present. He has a very comfortable style of speaking that brings him and the listeners on the same level of understanding. He speaks from many personal experiences and therefore, he opens himself up and reveals his own character, successes and flaws. This in turn makes him genuine and influential because the youth can identify with him. His humor and stories drew the youth in and I believe his message was clearly heard.

 Chrissy Connelly Director, Governor’s One On One Program Moore Buddies Carthage, N.C.

“Lynn is a prolific speaker motivated to motivate others.” Mark Scott Sandhills Chapter Toastmasters International

Purpose-Passion-Power Coaching

“Your skills are excellent!!! Your guidance was invaluable. I can’t say enough good things about the sessions and coaching. A great coach and even a better person. You don’t find many people like Lynn in this world. A man of his word!” Mark Anthony of KSTP/KSAX-TV

“These concepts, ideas, and content were invaluable because it helps you to focus on what matters: your goals. I have been an excited participant in the best program I have ever taken, and I have taken many.” Nathan Carlsen New Mexico

 “Excellent skills, you have a uncanny ability to listen. Then you bounce back ideas for me to consider Lynn, I think you did an awesome job in helping me to see the vision of me being a success. It was worth the investment. If it was an investment at all. It was like talking to a friend.” John Holloway

“Lynn, your gentle, reassuring personality is a definite asset in this profession.” Keith Johnson, MD