Your Professional Success Team!

Your Professional Success Team!

Do you have your Success Team together?

Why you need an Success Team?

Your Success Team will help you improve your efforts and effectiveness toward your goals, time management, personal development and success in general.

Taking your A-Game and building your A-Team will help you in many ways. The benefits are tremendous.

  1. You will free up so much time and make more decisions quickly.
  2. You’ll streamline your days and feel unstoppable.
  3. You will create that life of less stress and more peace of mind.
  4. You will create that high energy life style that you need in this busy world.
  5. You will learn, stretch, grow and contribute more in your life.
  6. You will begin to grow your business or career to the next level.
  7. You will enjoy your life at a much higher level.

Like most things the start will be the hardest part of building your A-Team. When you take a quick look around at your life you will see that you already have some of your A-Team in place.

The key will be to have people on your A-Team that you have rapport with and that you can trust. The people you place on the A-Team will be key people and will help you in successfully reaching many of your goals.

When you have key people that you can count on to exchange ideas, plans and money your A-Team will start to give you many benefits. The Law of Reciprocation in action.

Who should be on your A-Team?

Here is a list of key people that you need to have on your A-Team in no particular order.

  • Mastermind Team -> This group of people will be critical to your A-Team.
  • Your Professional Association Group.
  • Doctors -> That you can count on.
  • Lawyer -> That you can count on.
  • Spouse -> Get this person on your team and you’re 90% successful.
  • Mentors -> You will need to seek out the people that have the knowledge.
  • Spiritual -> Teacher, Leader or Group that works for you.
  • Physical -> Get people that like to be healthy on your A-Team.
  • Co-workers/Employees
  • Education -> Add people that will challenge you to grow and to think.
  • Friends /Family -> No need to say much here…right?
  • Mechanic -> Yes….the mechanic that you count on.
  • Restaurants -> Why not? I have restaurants on my A-Team that treat me great.

Think about building your A-Team and the people you need on it. If you have a person on your A-Team who is not effective or efficient replace them now.

Lynn Lane