Conquering Your Demons For Success.

Conquering Your Demons For Success.

Knowing that we need to work on our strengths is a very important part of success but, do you know where that strength originates?

We are not created with all the strengths for success. We are conditioned by challenges we have in our life and we inherited some attitudes from our family and friends.

Here is the martial arts metaphor: In the movie Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story, Bruce’s Sifu (Teacher) Nip Man told Bruce that he must conquer his demons or he would pass them on down to his children.

You will gain strength through facing your own demons. Your demons are the fears we have that we must face and with the warrior attitude defeat, conquer then move above and beyond with renewed strength and confidence.

I remember when I was in school if I had to stand up and give an oral report or take a failing grade I would take the bad grade.

I faced that Demon later in my life and joined Toastmasters International and started to love being in front of a group of people and sharing the things that can inspire and motivate them to move toward their own success.

Think about of all the areas in your life that you gain strength from. Think about the challenges that made you stronger. What are some of the Demons you had to face?

Better question……What are some of the Demons you need to face, defeat, conquer and move beyond today?

Think about the challenges you have accepted that at the start you didn’t think you could conquer, but as you faced them you grew from it and now you are above and beyond it.

Why should we know where we gain strength from? Because, once you know this you can pay more attention to that area of your life and focus on building that strength.

When you find people, places and things that inspire or motivate you to go for your greatness and to work toward dreams that are hoped for….. you gather strength.