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Confidence Or Arrogance

July 27, 2009 - Author: R. Lynn Lane - 8 Comments

Confidence or Arrogance?

Confidence or Arrogance?

Confidence is the ability to walk into an unknown situation with the certainty that you can handled what comes up.

Confidence and Arrogance are completely two different things.

When you’re confident you prepare yourself with the talents, skills and abilities you have to create that certainty of confidence.

Arrogance will get you in trouble time after time. When a person is arrogant they never work on their skills, abilities and talents because they feel they are above that need.

Arrogance gives you a false feeling of certainty that will leave you short of the outcome you’re working for.

Arrogance says that all you have to do is think in a positive way without preparation and you will be triumphant. That notion is misleading.

If you get arrogant about your skills in any sport you will surely fail and the same is true in your business.

In business, when you get arrogant you stop doing the important duties of the business and it will fail.

The Power In Confidence.

When you get confidence you gain a mighty power of certainty that will lead you to a victory. You gain the certainty that what you attempt you will do it with the best of your skills and abilities.

The best way to gain that power of certainty is to do it over and over. Just as a small trickle of water will soon become a great lake of water.

As you continue to do it over and over you get better and better and your confidence and certainty grows.

Some of the best speakers in the world at one time were terrible. Some of the best athletes really sucked when they started. The only way to sharpen your skills is to use them and that will always give you that power of confidence and certainty.


To increase your ability to gain power through confidence you need accountability.

Appoint a person or a group of people to hold you accountable. When you have to perform a task that you are accountable for you will follow through and that will sharpen your skills.

Join a Mastermind Group or start one yourself.

Apply these steps and you will soon have the Power of Confidence.

Points To Remember

{1} Accountability

{2} Step Into It / Do It.

{3} Practice

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Discussion (8 Comments)

  1. This is a fantastic distinction Lynn.

    I’ve found life has a fantastic way of kicking my ass whenever I veer towards the former! :-)

  2. Good to point out the difference. I have been arrogant in the past but thought I was confident only to find out the hard way!

    I think when we are younger and have more testosterone we are more cocky and when we are older we are confident.


  3. Love the explanation you give of the differences between confidence and arrogance. Great job. I detest arrogance but love confidence.

    Lisa McLellan
    Babysitting Tips, Babysitting Services – Babysitters, Nannies, and Au-pairs

  4. What a great post. I think the outsider(s) keeping a check on you is a brilliant suggestion. I find that, provided I listen to myself, I learn the most from my conversations with other people about my field of interest (consumer behaviour). Either their questions make me realise I don’t have a good enough explanation, or there’s something I don’t understand well enough, or else occasionally I say something and think “blimey, I put that really well!”

    Philip Graves
    Consumer Behaviour Research
    author of “The Secret of Selling: How to Sell to Your Customer’s Unconscious Mind”

  5. Great post. Very encouraging. All of us have unknown potential. Our responsibility is to sharpen our skills so as to unearth those hidden potentials.

    Health, Fitness — Darryl Pace
    Fitness Product Review

  6. by John Ho

    Hi Lynn,

    Arrongance Vs Confidence: Great explanation of their differences.

    Accountability is an important to be successful.

    That’s why a coach is essentail for this to happen.

    John Ho
    Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personality for Better Influence & Persuasion
    Numerology Expert Birthday Numeroscope
    Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personality for Better Influence & Persuasion

  7. Hi Lynne,

    great point indeed. I was just thinking about someone the other day and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was about him that bugged me. And then I realized I felt he was slick. I felt no heart. Just narcissism. To me those are other aspects of arrogance. Part of being confident is both to build up the skill set for the specific thing you are doing, like Public Speaking or Dating (yes dating well is a skill). Specifically and repeatedly doing THAT builds up our confidence to do it. And then there is the confidence from doing things LIKE what you are about to do, and yet what we are doing, we have never done before. Our experience with other things gives us confidence that we will be able to DO this, also.

    I think of how President George W. Bush and Mayor Rudy Giuliani faced 9/11. With leadership and confidence.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

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